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Necromancer and Dragon

From all the mediaval mistery tales originating in Croatia, story about Necromancer and Dragon had captivated my imagination even from first time i had heard it.


There is several versions of it – in every one of them, various cities of northwest Croatia had a Dragon problem. Not with usual type of fire-breathing dragon – but with ice or water dragon type, called “Pozoj” in this region. In the city of Čakovec, known also as Tschakathurn, municipal problem was – earthquake danger, produced by movements of water Dragon “Pozoj”, nested in the basement of fortified city.

As Knights vere scarce because of constant war in the region, city officials had decided to hire magician – in fact, necromancer, known in these latitudes as “Grabancijaš”, which means Grave-dweller. That sort of magician is understood as stray clergyman, who had completed twelve “holy” schools and then proceeded to study on thirteenth “unholy” school. “Grabancijaš” is expected to wear black robes and keep book of spells. ( http://sms.zrc-sazu.si/pdf/13/SMS_13_09_Marjanic.pdf )

So, our unlikely hero, necromancer “Grabancijaš” had entered dungeons of Tschakathurn and meet water-dragon “Pozoj”. He did open his spellbook and start to read from it. Dragon was soon hypnotized. After overpowering Dragon in that way,  Necromancer had mounted it and fly all the way over to Africa. In Africa, Dragon was torn apart in many pieces, so Necromancer had produced  nice profit by selling pieces of Dragon to natives as delicacy. Other version is that pieces of Ice-Water-Dragon was icy cold all the time, even after decomposition of unhappy flying lizard, so they was sold as refreshment.

I had asked several folk mystic to guide me into esoteric interpretation of this folk-tale.

Most satisfying answer was: “Don’t be fooled. Really, Grabancijaš was Zmaj. (Necromancer was a Dragon). So all the battle was his theatre play.”

I’m inclined to agree with such interpretation,