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In search of the Ultranauts

Five years ago, i had become really  bored by attempts of many occult authors and leaders, members of established organisations, to simplify and “water-down” mystic expirience and spiritual advancement to pure psyhological and philosophical level.  Kicker was a claim by one of well-known pundit that iconic Crowley drawing of Lam and sillouethes on the Cefallu walls don’t represent extraterrestrial inteligencies at all, but just Crowley inner psyhological forces, libido and etc.


Ok, that is somewhat “legal” theory. But if everything is just a psyhological trick, then why to bother with spiritual path, mysticism and search for unkown? My honest belief is that, surely, some of spiritual and occult phenomena are rooted in psyhological traits, especialy group dynamics and “clouds”  of informations formed between people. But that can’t be all, or initiation is just a mind game, and occult egregores are glorified fandoms.

Or they really are?

Shortly after becoming angry with such a simplifying, I had stumbled upon UFO lore of Rev. Allan Greenfield.

And, LO,  I was enlightened.